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      The CEI welcomes in districts and LEAs through a cohort model. Each Cohort makes a two year commitment learn and grow within the initiative, and many stay longer to share their expertise and facilitate the learning of newer cohorts.

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      The CEI is proud to offer a selection of CEI-created and curated resources and learning modules on a variety of topics designed to help educators strengthen their community engagement practices.

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Fostering an Environment of Positive Community Engagement for School Administrators

Illustration of a training room filled with school administrators at desks, engaged in group discussions. Charts, boards, and text-free materials related to community engagement are spread around. A trainer, a man of Hispanic descent, moves among the groups, offering guidance.

Target Audience

District & School Administrators, Educators

Estimated Duration

45 Minutes

Module Overview:

  • Importance of site leadership in positive community engagement in education.
  • Benefits to students, educators, parents, and the broader community.
  • Understanding the role of school administrators in fostering positive community engagement.

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Illustration of a round table where diverse leaders of different genders, ages, and descents sit equally spaced, discussing and sharing ideas. Above the table, interconnected gears turn in harmony, symbolizing the seamless collaboration in leadership.
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