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      The CEI welcomes in districts and LEAs through a cohort model. Each Cohort makes a two year commitment learn and grow within the initiative, and many stay longer to share their expertise and facilitate the learning of newer cohorts.

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      The CEI is proud to offer a selection of CEI-created and curated resources and learning modules on a variety of topics designed to help educators strengthen their community engagement practices.

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Celebrating Successes and Learning from Challenges

Recognizing and Rewarding Outstanding Community Engagement Efforts

When the school thrives, the community thrives! It is important to recognize these successes, acknowledge them, and celebrate them with the community. Celebrate these efforts by, first of all, continuing and enhancing them, and also inviting the school community in to see the impact of the achievement. Create time and space for parents, families, and the community to safely and actively engage with the school during instructional day or after school activities. Let’s consider one way of doing so by way of an example: if the afterschool program is thriving and has partnered with a local business to increase entrepreneurship in the program, invite parents in to see what students have developed. This celebrates the students’ work and highlights the important partnership with a local business; it also could spark ideas from parents on additional ways to bring important skills to the afterschool program.

Addressing and Learning from Setbacks or Issues

When, not if, setbacks or issues occur, it’s important to acknowledge them. Communication and transparency with the school community is critical to maintaining trust over time. Know that setbacks can be expected and they might knock you down, but it’s how you get back up that matters and how you continue to be a leader that advocates for a school community where all students and families thrive.

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