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      The CEI welcomes in districts and LEAs through a cohort model. Each Cohort makes a two year commitment learn and grow within the initiative, and many stay longer to share their expertise and facilitate the learning of newer cohorts.

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      The CEI is proud to offer a selection of CEI-created and curated resources and learning modules on a variety of topics designed to help educators strengthen their community engagement practices.

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Understanding how learning happens is vital to intentionally supporting it, both for others as well as ourselves. In this module, we will dig into what it means to really learn and how it requires more than just the ability to process and retain information. We’ll also introduce you to a foundational concept in UDL – learner variability.

What You’ll Learn

  • How our industrial model of education is not designed to support expert learning
  • What learning really is, what it requires, and how we’re all different when it comes to learning
  • How UDL intentionally supports learning while embracing differences in how we learn
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