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      The CEI welcomes in districts and LEAs through a cohort model. Each Cohort makes a two year commitment learn and grow within the initiative, and many stay longer to share their expertise and facilitate the learning of newer cohorts.

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      The CEI is proud to offer a selection of CEI-created and curated resources and learning modules on a variety of topics designed to help educators strengthen their community engagement practices.

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We are excited to announce an opportunity for you to share your insights, experiences, and knowledge on our platform. The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is now accepting blog post submissions from individuals and entities eager to contribute to the discourse on community engagement. Whether you’re keen on highlighting a dedicated team member, sharing an effective strategy, or imparting wisdom on matters everyone should be aware of, our platform is your stage.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Length: Please ensure your post is fewer than 1000 words. Concise yet impactful content is what we aim for.
  2. Accompanying Media: You may include relevant videos and resources that complement your written content.
  3. Topics: Your submission can focus on:
    – Highlighting a team member
    – Sharing a successful strategy or practice
    – Things people should know (available grant opportunities, etc.)
    – And any other topics related to community engagement.
  4. Originality: Content should be original and based on your own unique experiences. We encourage fresh perspectives and insights.
  5. Neutrality: Avoid promotional content. While we appreciate sharing successful stories and strategies, overt promotion of a product or service is discouraged.

Submission Process

  1. Start your journey by filling out the submission form using the button below. This form will request your contact information and a brief description of your proposed post.
  2. Once your submission is received, our team will review it, and you’ll be personally contacted to coordinate the submission of your full article.

Review & Approval

  • The CEI reserves editorial rights to ensure the content aligns with our standards and ethos.
  • Rest assured, any edits or modifications will be communicated, and no content will be posted without the author’s final approval.

Author Recognition

  • Authors will receive full credit for their contributions. This includes a photograph, a short bio, and any relevant links (e.g., personal website, social media profiles).

Submission Frequency

  • While we don’t have a rigid restriction on the frequency of submissions, we aim for a diverse array of voices. As such, non-timely content from the same contributor may be scheduled for a later date to ensure varied perspectives.

Compensation & Rights

  • Please note that contributions are voluntary, and no monetary compensation will be provided.
  • Authors retain the right to their content and are free to repost or republish elsewhere. We only ask that you mention its original publication on the CEI platform.

In a world inundated with information, authentic and insightful narratives stand out. We invite you to share yours with the CEI community and contribute to the collective understanding of community engagement. Should you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected].


Looking forward to your submissions!

–  Community Engagement Initiative Team

The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website. Since our establishment in 2018 with the critical mission of bolstering relationships between school districts, county offices of education, and their respective local communities, the CEI has consistently sought to innovate in its approach to bringing people together and providing resources. This sentiment was acknowledged by the state of California’s substantial investment, extending our mandate through 2029.

Rationale for the Redesign

In line with the “Peer Leading & Learning Network” (PLLN) model, the CEI underscores the value of collaborative learning. Recognizing the necessity for a more adaptive and dynamic platform to facilitate this collaboration, the decision was made to transition from our previous website to one more aligned with contemporary digital best practices.

Key Features of the Redesigned Website

  • Dedicated Blog Section: Regular updates will cover a range of topics including district achievements and case studies, team member profiles, and pertinent community engagement news.
  • Content Integration: Content is meticulously structured to provide users with a holistic view. As one example, as content within the site builds, you will notice resources and blog posts that are created by or reference our district/LEA teams will be conveniently linked to on their profile pages.
  • Design Upgrade: A modern and intuitive design ensures that users can navigate the site with ease and accessibility, enhancing their overall experience.

Anticipated Additions

In the pipeline are:

  • Learning Management System: An open platform for anyone interested to take a deep dive and learn about community engagement strategies and practices utilizing our years of data and experience on a variety of topics.
  • District Partner Login Area: Exclusively for CEI team members, this section will encompass a CEI event calendar and provide a place for teams to connect asynchronously, utilizing forums for focused discussions.

Feedback Process

Feedback is a critical component of continuous improvement. We invite users to acquaint themselves with the new website and share insights either through our designated contact form or by emailing [email protected].

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the objectives of the Community Engagement Initiative.

We hope you enjoy your new website,

-The Community Engagement Initiative

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