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Next Steps- A commitment to growing your Roots

Collaborate and Document Your Plan

As mentioned in previous sections, using the Holistic Engagement Wheel is most effective when done in collaboration with district staff, families, students, and other community members. By collaborating and reaching a consensus, the wheel results more accurately reflect the reality of community engagement in your district or school.

After completing the wheel, the next step includes documenting the analysis of which root or roots you want to focus on for growth and then developing high-impact strategies and actions to grow those roots. 

Whether an organization focuses on one root or selects two or three, communities should regularly examine the growth progress. One way to assess progress is to complete the Holistic Engagement Wheel again with community members.

Using the Wheel with Your Community:

The Holistic Engagement Wheel can become a tool for districts and schools to use continuously. Here are some examples of where a district or school can effectively use the wheel.

  • LCAP Parent Advisory Councils
  • Student Advisory Councils
  • Staff Advisory Councils
  • School Site Councils
  • District/school English Learner Advisory Councils
  • Parent or student affinity groups (e.g., African American Parent Council, Asian American Parent Council)
  • Community Schools Advisory Councils
  • Superintendent Roundtables with families, students, or other community partners

Share Your Experience

We would love to hear about your use of the Holistic Engagement Wheel in your community! Please take a moment to share your experience with us and others. We also invite you to provide input on this module content.

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