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Protocol Toolkit Item: 9c


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This protocol helps participants see their unique role in making changes and improvements. It highlights that all types of participants bring value and leadership to collective decisions and initiatives.


  • Product Slogans List


15-30 Minutes


Participants should be divided into sub-groups based on their roles in preparation for this activity. For example, in a school district context, the sub-groups might be parent participants, student participants, teacher participants, classified staff participants, administrator participants, and community organization participants. These sub-group classifications should align with how participants identify themselves.  Copies of the Product Slogan List should be made for each participant. 


Step 1:

Introduce Protocol Share the following information with participants:
  • Each participant will join a team comprised of others who are in the same role (refer to your pre-determined groups)
  • The teams will be working to develop or select a slogan that resonates with them, their role, and their work with the group as a whole. The slogan can be chosen from one on the Product Slogan List, or the team can develop their own slogan.
  • After selecting/creating a slogan, each team should discuss and agree on why their slogan represents them, their role, and their work as members of the whole group. 
  • The teams should select one or two representatives to share the team’s slogan and the reasons why it represents them with the entire group. 
  • The teams will have 10-15 minutes to select/develop a slogan and be prepared to share their reasons.
Virtual Implementation
  • Teams will meet using virtual breakout rooms to select/develop their slogans, and the Product Slogans List must be shared electronically with participants.

Step 2:

Team Slogan Development (10-15 min.)
  • The teams will meet to complete the work described in Step 1.
  • After 10-15 minutes, the facilitator(s) should signal the whole group to reconvene.

Step 3:

Teams Share Out (10-15 min) Ask each team’s presenter(s) to share their team’s slogan and describe why it represents them and their role in the group. They will have 2 minutes to share. Note: If your group tends to have participants who speak longer than requested, facilitator(s) can use a stopwatch or timer to encourage teams to stay within the 2-minute explanation timeframe. 
  • After the last team shares, the facilitator(s) should remind the group that the work or initiative comprises diverse participants who bring leadership from different perspectives and roles. This shared leadership enriches the work of the group.

Resources & Further Reading

Examples of Use

  • This protocol can be used as a Conocimento or Ultima Palabra if desired.
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