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Protocol Toolkit Item: 3c


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This protocol builds rapport and strengthens relationships among team or group members by asking them to develop and perform a chant.




30 Minutes


No materials are required for this protocol, although teams may use props in their chants if they so desire.   Virtual Implementation
  • Teams will need to meet in breakout rooms as they develop their chants.


Step 1:

 Introduce Protocol (1-3 minutes) Share the following information with participants:
  • Developing a team chant can be a fun and effective way to build team spirit and motivate team members.
  • Teams will have 5 minutes to develop a team chant by doing the following:
    • Brainstorming ideas for the chant. Encourage everyone to share their thoughts and ideas, no matter how silly or unusual they may seem. Write down all the ideas to help develop the chant.
    • Look for common themes or ideas that emerge from the brainstorming session. These themes could be related to the team’s mission, values, beliefs, or goals. Identify the most important themes and use these to develop the chant.
    • Create the chant!
  • Teams will have 3 minutes to practice their chant and prepare to perform it for the whole gr

Step 2:

Chant Development (10 minutes)
  • Teams are given 10 minutes to develop and practice their chant. Teams should find a private place to work. For virtual implementation, breakout rooms should be used for this step.
  • Facilitator should provide time checks for the teams and indicate when the practice time begins.

Step 3:

Chant Performances (18-20 minutes)
  • The teams perform their chants for the entire group.
    • All teams should receive big applause for their chant and their spirited performance of it for the entire group.

Resources & Further Reading

It might be helpful for participants to see a sample or recording of a team chant if one is available.

Examples of Use

  • This protocol is recommended when teams are first developed or coming together; it is an effective way to kick off a project or experience.
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