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      The CEI welcomes in districts and LEAs through a cohort model. Each Cohort makes a two year commitment learn and grow within the initiative, and many stay longer to share their expertise and facilitate the learning of newer cohorts.

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      The CEI is proud to offer a selection of CEI-created and curated resources and learning modules on a variety of topics designed to help educators strengthen their community engagement practices.

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Celebrating the Journey from CEI 1.0 to CEI 2.0




The Foundation of CEI 1.0

Launched under the vision of enhancing educational partner engagement in California’s public school system, CEI 1.0 set out with clear objectives outlined in the Education Trailer Bill (AB 1808). The initiative aimed to:

1. Build capacity in communities and school districts to engage in meaningful conversations.
2. Identify and disseminate effective models of community engagement.
3. Develop peer-to-peer partnerships utilizing professional learning networks.


The Impact of CEI 1.0

The impact of CEI 1.0 has been profound. By building capacity within communities and school districts, CEI 1.0 has enabled meaningful partner engagement within and outside of LEAs, which is crucial for holding school districts accountable and improving pupil outcomes. The initiative’s success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our lead agency partners, whose efforts have laid a strong foundation for the future.


As we transition from the Community Engagement Initiative 1.0 to CEI 2.0, it is essential to honor the foundational work and dedication of our lead agency partners: the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS), Families in Schools (FIS), and the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE). These organizations have been instrumental in building the framework and setting the stage for the next phase of this transformative initiative.


Transitioning to CEI 2.0

As we transition to CEI 2.0, we carry forward the lessons learned and the successes achieved in CEI 1.0. This new scope of work aims to:

1. Increase and enhance the engagement of pupils, families, and communities.
2. Expand the use of identified metrics to create clear standards for engagement.
3. Develop in-depth training series on meaningful engagement.
4. Scale up the initiative and improve alignment with the statewide system of support.


The CEI is excited to be working with our 2.0 Lead Agency Partners, the San Diego County office of Education, Eskolta School Research and Design, and the University of San Diego, building off of the groundwork laid by SBCSS, FIS, and CABE as we continue to foster strong, engaged, and equitable school communities.


The transition from CEI 1.0 to CEI 2.0 marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance community engagement in education. It is a moment to celebrate the achievements of our founding partners and to renew our commitment to building strong, equitable, and engaged school communities across California. Together, we will continue to make a difference, ensuring that every voice is heard and every student has the opportunity to succeed.

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