Cohort III Information Session Participant Agenda

  • A brief history of the Community Engagement Initiative

  • Current Partner Testimonials

  • What is the commitment?

  • Application Process

A brief history of CEI

In 2013, the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) fundamentally changed how the State provides resources to school districts and aligns systems of accountability to support districts in improving student performance. The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), an integral component of the LCFF, provides a way for districts to continuously improve by describing their goals, actions, and services for all students. This includes a specific focus on English learners, low-income students, foster youth and students from other underserved groups. In 2017, the California School Dashboard was launched to help districts identify strengths and challenges to inform their LCAPs.

The California Statewide System of Support (SOS), which is rooted in identifying and eliminating inequities, has been established to build local capacity to ensure that districts are equipped to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies to ensure that each student has the resources needed to succeed. The SOS includes the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), the California Department of Education, county offices of education, as well as many other entities that serve as “Leads” in particular areas. The Legislature created the Community Engagement Initiative in 2018, pursuant to Section 140 of Assembly Bill 1808, to take the lead with respect to community engagement.

The mission and vision of the statewide Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is designed to:

  • Build capacity in communities and school districts to facilitate difficult conversations that focus on improving outcomes for students;
  • Identify effective models of community engagement and metrics to evaluate those models;
  • Develop effective peer-to-peer partnerships between school districts and county offices of education (COEs) to deepen community engagement;
  • Expand successful community engagement practices statewide.
  • Serve as a facilitator, resource connector, capacity builder, and relationship builder concerning school districts’ efforts to develop community engagement.

Our Current Partners

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What can CEI do for your LEA?

“These problems of practice brought more, like,
deeper points than all we have been talking about
family engagement and involvement… Like how we
talk about assumptions and judgments and all of that,
but those problem of practice meetings have brought
much more digging deeper into the real issues…
They’re real or authentic opinions and thoughts
around the school, education.”

Your Content Goes Here, Cohort I FACE Staff

“I think that being part of this group, the CEI,
definitely helped us with that focus. It was something
that we knew was there, but we didn’t know how
to come about it. It really allowed for us to come
together and really try it out.”

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